“I am the master of my fate”


About #TAIW


Inspired by Spartan Culture’s core tenets of protection, personal responsibility, strength, collaboration and loyalty, #TheAdventureIsWithin takes its key icon as the Aspis – the Spartan shield – one of the ultimate symbols of proactive protection of the self and others.

The #TAIW team is made up of like-minded individuals who are bonded by a ‘True North’. True North (the North Star) never moves. Never wavers. It is a constant point in the night sky which has given humans direction and focus and allowed us to maintain a steady course for millennia.

‘True North’ in the #TAIW sense, means having a strong sense of purpose –  the ‘why’ we do what we do – that motivates and guides us, giving us passion and perseverance. ‘True North’ for us, is to help people take responsibility for, and control of their Positive Mental Health.

 Led by Founders Dean and Jim, the #TAIW team are all from different backgrounds and specialisms – military, education, psychology, corporate, emergency services, sports and L&D. This diversity brings distinctive perspectives to the team – which are invaluable when applying and embedding the #TAIW strategies and techniques for people in different contexts.

Despite differing Adventures to date, all of the #TAIW team members regularly use Positive Psychology approaches and the four #TAIW Strategies to build and strengthen their own Positive Mental Health Shields – hence they guide others from a position of powerful personal experience. This Adventure is to be lived – not viewed from the sidelines!

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