#TheAdventureIsWithin is an evidence-based Positive Mental Health Training Programme that gives people immediately actionable strategies and techniques that, when adopted, will build Positive Mental Health and help to prevent negative mental health conditions from developing

Born from the field of Positive Psychology, the #TAIW workshops teach immediately actionable techniques, helping people to:


Negative responses to challenges and setbacks, meaning:

• Better all-round mental health
• Less days off work (absenteeism)
• Reduced unproductive time at work (presenteeism)
• Stronger Resilience –  the ability to cope with challenge and set-backs


Positive mindset which fosters courage, confidence and mutual support, leading to:

• Courage to ‘have a go’, knowing you have strategies to turn set-backs into growth
• A positive and oxygenated brain that enhances creativity, collaboration, communication and all-round productivity
• The ability to support others by creating positive mindset, environments and relationships


Start your Adventure

To start your Adventure or to find out more, head over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line. 

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