#TheAdventureIsWithin is an evidence-based Positive Mental Health Training Programme, grounded in positive psychology, that gives people immediately actionable strategies and techniques that, when adopted, will help:

PREVENT negative mental health conditions developing, resulting in:

  • Better all-round mental health
  • Less days off work (absenteeism)
  • Reduced unproductive time at work (presenteeism)
  • Stronger Resilience –  the ability to cope with challenge and set-backs

BUILD Positive Mental Health mindset and thinking, resulting in:

  • Courage to ‘have a go’ knowing you have strategies to turn set-backs into growth
  • A positive and oxygenated brain that enhances; Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and all-round Productivity
  • The ability to support others by creating positive mindset, environments and relationships


Lasting habits which will help you to maintain a more stable equilibrium in spite of challenge and set-backs

Start your Adventure

To start your Adventure or to find out more, head over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line. 

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