Your Positive Mental Health Adventure starts here……

TheAdventureisWithin is a programme of courses and supporting services beginning with the core TheAdventureisWithin one-day workshop….

TheAdventureIsWithin (every great band’s first album title is the same as the name of the band!) introduces our Positive Psychology approach and uses experiential learning to teach four powerful Positive Mental Health techniques that can be adopted immediately

During the workshop, participants will be taken on a journey by our Adventure Guides which:

  • Highlights current challenges in Mental Health, including the human, organisational and societal costs of negative mental health, and explains how the differences between human and natural evolution have led to this situation.
  • Demonstrates how and why a Positive Psychology approach has the power to help overcome these challenges, by focusing on Prevention instead of Cure – building Positive Mental Health that will enhance positive thinking and behaviours.
  • Shares four powerful, proven strategies & techniques for people to learn, experience and adopt to help them take responsibility for, and control of, their Positive Mental Health.
  • Provides a commitment action plan to help people embed the Positive Mental Health strategies & techniques into their lives.


Normal timings for the workshop are 10am4pm, although the workshop can be split into two 3-hour sessions (ideally on consecutive days)

Adventure Preparation

A short, but important pre-course package is provided for participants to complete – consisting of a 6-page guide and a short (12 minute) TED Talk

Together these provide an introduction to the principles of Positive Psychology (studying positive outliers) and prepare participants for the workshop, outlining what to expect and introducing the Spartan Shield learning metaphor.

Continuing Your Adventure (Coming Soon)

 For those who have completed TheAdventureisWithin core workshop and have a hunger to deepen their understanding and expand their Positive Mental Health toolkit, we are currently creating two further Adventures:


Guides participants through a more in-depth experience of the four Strategies and shares further techniques, as well as supporting participants in planning their own path to greater Positive Mental Health


Is aimed at participants who are leaders of others and are keen to learn how to coach and guide colleagues and teams in building Positive Mental Health and Resilience


Supporting Services (Coming Soon)

True North

A workshop which guides participants in finding their passion and purpose  – giving their Adventure direction and meaning

1-2-1 Adventure Support

For participants who want and would benefit from a more tailored and personalised approach to mapping their Positive Mental Health Adventure

Team Adventure Support

For teams who would like extended guidance and coaching as they undertake their Adventure together

Start your Adventure

To start your Adventure or to find out more, head over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line. 

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